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Montarto Hotel's Privacy Policy

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PURPOSE: Managing products, services and activities hired, Baqueira group marketing messages. Security.
LAWFUL BASIS: Consent of the interested party for the provision of services, buying products and taking part in promotions and events.
Images captured for reasons of security and/or defence of own interests.
RECIPIENTS: Companies in the Baqueira group, third parties by legal obligation and/or defence of own interests.
RIGHTS: Access, rectify and erase data and others.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: You can see additional detailed information about data protection in this page


Address: Primer Núcleo Residencial de Baqueira, Naut Aran, 25598 (Lleida)
Email: for any data protection issues, please indicate “Personal data protection management” in the subject line.

The personal data referred to in this privacy policy are the identification and contact information requested by Baqueira for the purposes described below such as name and surname, national identity card or equivalent document number, date of birth, affiliation in some cases, postal address, physical data (height, weight), sex, skiing level, telephone number, email address and photograph. With respect to the product, service or activity hired or used or other cases of voluntary provision of your data, they may be processed for the following purposes:

2.3. When hiring or asking for information about booking hotel montarto / apartarent accommodation.
• Managing your accommodation reservations; for this purpose you specifically acknowledge and accept that your data may be disclosed to the owners of hotels and other hospitality establishments, whether or not they are in the Baqueira group, which are to provide the accommodation service you have asked for.
• Managing the purchase of products and/or the provision of services hired by you and those required for their provision, by way of example but not limitation a ski pass or BaqueiraPass, ski rental, ski lessons, rental of parking spaces, hiring time in children’s snow parks, events and competitions, etc.; for this purpose you specifically acknowledge and accept that your data may be disclosed to third-party companies outside the Baqueira group when such companies provide the service you have hired.
• Disclosing data to the public authorities in compliance with legal requirements.
• Managing your registration as a platform user. The personal data you provide will be processed to identify you as a platform user and give you access to its features, products and services which are available to you as a registered user.
• Likewise your data may be used by the BAQUEIRA BERET group, hereinafter BAQUEIRA, to send you information regularly or occasionally and by any medium, including post, email and mobile phone, and whether personalised or not, about events, news, promotions, products, activities and services of the Baqueira group or of third-party Baqueira partner companies and also to manage your participation in all kinds of events, contests or promotions run by Baqueira or its third-party partner companies.
• Profiling to personalise the range of services and advertising.
• Handling if applicable your participation in events, promotions, competitions, races and any other sports, advertising, recreational or other events promoted by Baqueira.
• Using the products, services and activities you hire may lead to fresh data gathering and processing, so we recommend you read the purposes of such processing as specified herein before giving your consent.
• Payment information. 100% SECURE payment.
Baqueira Beret will NOT gather or process your payment information directly or indirectly. Payment by bank card for services contracted online is automated through a computer application called a payment gateway. This type of gateway redirects customers to the bank’s website so that payments are made on such website. The customer provides their bank card details to the bank’s payment gateway and never to Baqueira Beret.

In addition the bank cannot find out the items purchased, the shipping address or other personal data of the customer which are not relevant for payment, and Baqueira does not know and does not have access to their bank details.

Personal data processing is based on the prior consent of the interested party. If you do not agree to provide your data or allow them to be processed in the terms established in this Privacy Policy, Baqueira Beret will be unable to provide the services or supply the products and will have to reject your participation in various actions such as promotions, races and other events described in the previous paragraph. You warrant that the data you provide are true and accurate and Baqueira reserves the right to ask you to show official documents accrediting the data you supply.
Personal data of minors
Children under 14 will not be able to provide their personal data by themselves and for this purpose will need the consent of the people who have their legal custody or guardianship.
Third-party personal data
Although in principle data must be provided directly by the interested parties, when products or services are contracted on behalf of third parties and their personal data have to be provided, the provider must have the prior, informed and express consent of such third parties for the transfer of their data to Baqueira and the acceptance of this Privacy Policy and expressly with respect to the purposes indicated above.

As a service for our visitors, our websites may include hyperlinks to other sites that are not operated or controlled by the Baqueira Group. Consequently the Baqueira Group does not warrant and nor is it liable for the legality, reliability, usefulness, veracity and timeliness of the contents of such websites or their privacy practices. Before providing your personal information to these non-Baqueira websites, please note that their privacy practices may differ from ours.

Baqueira will not transfer any personal data supplied to third-party companies outside the Baqueira Group other than in the cases described in this Privacy Policy, and there are no recipients outside the European Union.

Your consent for processing your personal data will be specifically requested through checking boxes on the forms that are essential requirements for completing the registration of the application.

Once the data has been provided, the data subject may exercise their rights as such including access (learning what personal data are processed), rectification (asking for incorrect data to be corrected), erasure (deleting the data) and data portability and to restrict or object to their processing with respect to the data stored in our files.

You can exercise these rights free of charge by writing to: Estación de Esquí Baqueira Beret. Oficinas Cota 1500. Baqueira-Naut Aran, 25598 (Lleida), indicating “Personal data protection management” and specifying your data, giving proof of your identity and stating the reasons for your request. You may also exercise your rights by emailing


For the purposes of the provisions of Article 10.1 of the LSSICE, it is noted that the site is owned by Montarto Hotel entity SA, domiciled at Carretera de la Bonaigua s/n, Baqueira-Beret. On the website, there are information related to Montarto Hotel chain, with the possibility of booking rooms and hire packages or other hotel services.

8.1. Access to this website is the sole responsibility of the users. The risks arising from their use are responsibility of the user, exclusively.
8.2. The information contained in this website is offered for the convenience of users. This information may contain inaccuracies, errors, omissions and / or mistakes, so that the owner does not guarantee the reliability, accuracy and / or safety of the contents.
8.3. The information contained on the website is current at the date of the last update. The owner reserves the right to make, at any time, changes, updates and / or deletions as may be necessary.
8.4. The website owner is not responsible for any damage that may result from interference, interruptions, computer viruses and / or disconnections in the operational functioning of this electronic system, neither of which can be caused by third parties through illegal interference in the system.
8.5. The user undertakes to use the website and the services available to them according to law, morals and good customs, refraining from using it for illicit purposes contrary to the provisions of these rules, or in any manner that may harm third or impede the normal use by other users.
8.6. The services are collected and provided through the Web are designed for adults so that users who take service through this website should be legally of age. No request or collect any information on children.
8.7. The owner is not responsible for the contents, products and / or services that may be obtained through advertising or links to third party websites (links) through this website. The presence of links is for informational purposes only and does not imply any relationship between the owner and the owners of web pages that can be accessed through these links.
8.8. The content of this website is intended for personal use, so you may not copy, reproduce, distribute, communicate, publish, transfer, process, sell or use the content of this website for public or commercial purposes.
8.9. The holder may withdraw or suspend at any time without prior notice provision of services to users who have infringed the provisions of this document, or incurred in violation of the law, morality or public order. The exclusion of the user does not constitute a waiver of any legal action relevant to accountability.

The owner reserves the right to exclude temporarily or permanently the users of this website are given if any of the following circumstances:
• Failure of any of the General Conditions set out in this document.
• Failure to comply with the law, morality and public order.

In any case, the user exclusion constitute a waiver to perform the legal actions, and possible indemnity payments.

For the purposes of Article 27 of the LSSICE, the contractual process conducted by done through the following steps:
• First Choice Hotel, offer, package or other hotel services on the home page via the search parameters, and the dates of stay.
• Second: Choosing the type of room, number of them, and number of people.
• Third: selection of supplements and additional services shows the final price. Insert both of personal data relating to the reserve, as well as the bank card used to guarantee the reservation and acceptance of general conditions of booking.
• Fourth: Formalizing the booking confirmation page sample.
• Fifth: Sending email booking confirmation with details of the same.

Upon reservation will generate an electronic document subsequently incorporated into its holder files. The user will always have full access to and knowledge of it by sending an email with the content at the end of the booking process.

Once you have completed the booking, the customer is requested to review the content of it so you can identify possible errors in data entry, in case of correction needed, the user can call the central reservations phone 973-639001 or send an email to providing identifying details of the reservation.

11.1. In reservation service "on line" guarantees the security and confidentiality of transactions.
11.2. The transactional service connection is made through a secure server. This is the standard technology in Internet security, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which uses an encryption system to provide maximum confidentiality of data that it transmitted. The information is transmitted encrypted to ensure that it is intelligible only to the client computer and the server of the website owner.
11.3. Verification that the connection is made through a secure server can be checked by any of the following systems:
- Using the address of the server, since a secure server begins with https.
- Through an indication on your browser that displays a whole key to a closed padlock on the bottom of the screen.

Following the entry into the main site and in the linked pages may incorporate cookies to your computer. If the users are not interested in it, must set your browser to prevent the incorporation of cookies on your computer.

13. LAW
The relationship between the owner of the website and users shall be governed by Spanish law

Shall have jurisdiction in any dispute between the parties the courts of Naut Aran, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply.